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Happart promised contracts for discount

8 June 2007

BRUSSELS – José Happart, the speaker of the Walloon Parliament, reportedly promised public contracts to a French contractor in exchange for huge discounts on the construction of a house in Esneux for one of his female friends. La Dernière Heure reported this on Friday. Happart denies the allegations.

The contractor had produced a protocol agreement however from 2 March 2007 for the construction of a house, the paper writes.

The document bears Happart’s signature. He is not the owner, but signed the agreement on behalf of a female friend. The contractor claims that Happart promised him that he would secure government projects to be carried out at the Bierset airport and environs, but in the end the contractor was not awarded any contracts.

The speaker of the Walloon Parliament denies the allegations. “This man offered to build a house for my employee at a highly discounted rate. I do not see why I should have been required to refuse such an offer,” Happart says.

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