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Hacker fined for website attacks

2 December 2003

BRUSSELS – The Gent Correctional Tribunal condemned computer hacker ReDaTtAcK to a one year suspended prison sentence and a EUR 15,000 fine Monday.

ReDaTtAcK, also known as Frans Devaere, was found guilty of hacking into five company websites. He had denied the charge.

Following several complaints from various companies, evidence was found on one website which led back to a site controlled by Devaere.

The Tribunal found sufficient evidence to charge Devaere with illegal hacking.

Devaere’s lawyer claimed his client was the victim of a vengeance attack.

ReDaTtAcK was already condemned to a fine in 2000 for hacking into Fortis bank computers and internet server Skynet.

As well as a suspended sentence and a EUR 14,873 fine, Devaere will have to compensate civil parties to the tune of EUR 35,000.

Devaere will be appealing the judgement.

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