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Gunman commits suicide during chase

Published on 01/02/2007

1 February 2007

BRUSSELS – A 39-year-old Antwerp resident shot at his wife and daughter on Wednesday. He committed suicide on the E313 in Geel as policed chased him.

The couple had decided to separate some time ago. The woman (36) was just moving into a residence in Tongerlo with her 16-year-old daughter on Wednesday.

“Initial reports indicate that the man entered the house and immediately started shooting,” said spokesperson for the authorities Inge Delissen. “The woman was shot in the hip and leg. The daughter was hit on her hand and arm.”

The gunman then fled the building, fired several shots at a window and drove from the scene at high speed.

A number of police teams headed to Tongerlo. The man’s vehicle was spotted somewhat later and followed on the E313 in the direction of Hasselt.

The police found the man in the driver’s seat with a bullet in his chest. “The collision most likely occurred after the driver had shot himself, but it is also possible that after the collision the man was gripped with desperation and took his own life,” the spokesperson for the authorities said. “All the shots involved in this case were fired from the same weapon.”

The daughter is now in stable condition, but the mother’s injuries were more serious. She had to be operated on Tuesday but is reportedly out of mortal danger at the moment.

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