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Green parties urge for road pricing

Published on 26/03/2007

26 March 2007

BRUSSELS – The green parties in Flanders and the Netherlands, Groen! and GroenLinks, respectively, are calling on Flemish minister-president Yves Leterme and Dutch prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende to discuss the joint introduction of road pricing. They would like to see a per-kilometre toll system.

The Christian democrat government leaders Leterme and Balkenende are meeting in The Hague today.

Like the Netherlands, Groen! has serious doubts about the introduction of a one-sided traffic sticker system in Flanders because this sticker would not in itself solve anything.

“The sticker will not ensure less traffic or fewer polluting cars or trucks,” they say. Groen! says it would be a good idea for Flanders to participate in the Dutch government’s plans to gradually introduce road pricing on a kilometre basis.

“The best idea would be if all the Benelux governments decided together on steps to introduce this kind of road pricing,” say both Groen! and GroenLinks.

They say it is much simpler and more logical to negotiations between Flanders and the Netherlands on this issue now.

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