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GPs Not Accepting New Patients

Published on 09/02/2007

9 February 2007

BRUSSELS — Many family doctors can not cope with the number of patients signing up and announce that no new patients can be registered, De Standaard reports.

People moving to Aartselaar, Schelle, Niel and Hemiksem are finding it increasingly difficult to find a family doctor. The few doctors still operating in the area aren’t taking on any new patients.

“Refusing to take new patients has not yet become a common trend, but it will become one if measures are not taken soon to remedy the situation”, says Piet Vanden Bussche, Chairman of the Flemish Family Doctors Association.

Many family doctors are reaching retirement age. Besides, a growing number of family doctors are women. Both categories are usually less willing to work extra hours than young men, Vanden Bussche explains.

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