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Government split over airport noise plan

1 March 2004

BRUSSELS – Belgian Minister Bert Anciaux has angered government colleagues by announcing a new plan to cut aircraft noise at Zaventem airport outside of Brussels without cabinet backing.

Anciaux unveiled his new plan last Friday.

The complex scheme would see aircraft using more runways at Zaventem and flying in and out of the airport on a number of different routes.

The basic logic behind the plan is to reduce noise pollution under the airport’s main flight paths by spreading flights over a wider area.

Anciaux on Friday insisted his new plan was in line with instructions he had received from the cabinet to sort out the aircraft noise problem after Belgium’s most senior court, the Conseil D’Etat, blocked an original government proposal on the issue last December.

But Belgian Justice Minister Laurette Onkelinx on Sunday made it clear that she believed Anciaux had overstepped his remit and should have sought cabinet clearance before unveiling his plan.

Onkelinx said on Belgian television that her colleague, “had not behaved correctly” over the question.

She said Anciaux had been summoned to a special cabinet meeting on Wednesday to explain himself and she hinted that she could even ask the Transport Minister to resign over the issue.

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