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Government gets 311.5 million in fines

30 March 2007

BRUSSELS – The federal government collected EUR 311.5 million in fines last year. That is just over 12.6 million more than in 2005 (increase of 4.2 percent). More than half of the total came from traffic fines.

The on-site collection of traffic fines, for not wearing a seatbelt for instance, or speed-limit violations, brought in EUR 185.9 million last year. “Transactional deposits,” from court settlements added up to EUR 70.6 million.

Fines imposed by a police magistrate (EUR 42 million) and other courts (EUR 13 million) brought in a total of EUR 55 million.

The government attributes the increase to a number of factors. “Fine payment stamps” were scrapped for instance and replaced by bank transfers. This encouraged offenders to pay fines in a more timely manner. Some fines were also increased.

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