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Global aircraft market worth 2.8 trillion dollars by 2026

   LONDON, February 8, 2008  – European aircraft maker Airbus said Thursday
that the global aircraft market would be worth 2.8 trillion dollars (1.9
trillion euros) between 2007 and 2026, with total production at 24,300 planes.
   Airbus gave the figures as it unveiled its latest long-term outlook for the
aerospace industry at a press conference in London.
   The figures are higher than previous predictions given two years ago, when
Airbus forecast that the global market would be worth 2.6 trillion dollars for
2006-2025 with production of 22,700 planes.
   Airbus said Thursday the industry would deliver an average of 1,215
aircraft per year during the period, compared with the previous annual average
prediction of 1,130 plane deliveries.
   Higher aircraft production will help meet a 4.9 percent annual increase in
passenger traffic and a 5.8 percent annual rise in freight traffic, according
to the group’s forecasts.
   "Air transportation is definitely a growing industry contributing to
economic development and generating wealth around the world," Airbus Chief
Operating Officer/Customers John Leahy told reporters in London.
   "We are committed to being a key player in making this industry
eco-efficient by providing the most technologically advanced product and
responding with a full life-cycle approach."