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Girl attacked by chat “friends”

29 March 2007

BRUSSELS – A 17-year-old girl has been seriously injured after being attacked in her home in Braives, near Hoei. She was reportedly assaulted by people she met on the internet. Detectives are searching her computer’s hard drive to trace her contacts in chat rooms.

The victim has been brought to a hospital in Borgworm but is not in any life-threatening danger. She was beaten and her earlobe was torn off.

The girl’s parents were in Paris at the time of the attack. She told detectives that she had organised a party at home while her parents were away. The people she invited were probably people she had met on the internet.

The suspected attackers tried to destroy the victim’s computer and poured diesel around in a number of rooms in the house. They seem to have tried to set the house on fire.

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