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Ghislenghien civil action begins

Published on 13/09/2004

13 September 2004

BRUSSELS – The first hearings of the 188-strong civil action into the Ghislenghien gas blast have started, it was reported on Monday.

Legal documents linked to the claim have now been transmitted to the examining magistrate charged with the dossier.

Tournai magistrate, Gerard Bresoux, has asked the local police force in Ath to take charge of the hearings.

The 188 people involved want to know the facts surrounding the 30 July gas blast that killed 23 people.

The hearings are expected to last several days and special arrangements will be made for anyone who is housebound.

“Owing to the particular character of this affair, and even though it is a classical hearing, we cannot take things lightly. The hearings will certainly not be rushed,” assured the Inspector Gysselinck, one of the senior officers handling the legal action.

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