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Ghent nature reserve closed

Published on 11/05/2007

11 May 2007

GHENT – The Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen nature reserve in the Ghent sub-municipality of Mariakerke will be closed to the public for the next two weeks.

Alderman for the Environment Tom Balthazar (Socialist SP.A) has announced this after it was found that asbestos was used in the paving of walking paths in the nature area.

Visitors to the park came across bits of rubble along the new walking paths two weeks ago. The environmental department of Ghent ascertained on Tuesday that there are traces of asbestos in the rubble.

The city administration is now looking into how the asbestos ended up in the rubble and who is responsible. The council has also ordered an air quality investigation because asbestos particles in the air can be harmful to health.

The nature reserve will remain closed for at least two weeks as the matter is looked into.

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