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Gas leak in Ghislenghien

28 August 2007

BRUSSELS – A gas leak occurred at the industrial estate of Ghislenghien, in Henegouwen, this morning after a pipeline was damaged during engineering works. The situation is now under control.

At about 9 am the fire brigade in Ath received a report that a pipeline had been hit on the industrial estate in Ghislenghien. The damaged pipeline lay near to the business park of the Chehoma plant and is property of Electrabel. A security zone was immediately cordoned off.

Some 15 businesses on the estate had to be evacuated, a total of 100 to 200 people.

The teams from Electrabel and gas transporter Fluxys arrived on the scene immediately; by 11 am the situation was under control and the emergency alert was lifted. The pipeline will be repaired this evening.

Three years ago a leak in the gas pipeline on the industrial estate led to an enormous explosion which killed 24 people and left another 132 injured.

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