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Gallo-Roman Museum reopens in Tongeren

Published on 27/05/2009

The Gallo-Roman Museum of Tongeren (Limburg) has been officially reopened.

The modernisation of the museum has turned the Gallo-Roman museum of Tongeren into a European-class venue.

It stands on what was once the site of a luxurious Roman villa.

Museum director Carmen Willems told VRT: "We were a victim of own success."  The number of visitors grew from 20,000 to 150,000 in the space of a decade and it was literally bursting at the seams.

"We’ve been working on the project for many years now. The building is completely new and is located in the heart of the historical centre of Tongeren, " says Carmen Willems.

The museum’s permanent collection is new as is the way the exhibits are shown to the public. Visitors learn how people lived in the region of Tongeren from prehistoric times until the early Middle Ages.

Two thousand two hundred authentic objects are used to illustrate this story. There are also models and interactive games for children.

19 million euros was spent on the modernisation.

Visit the museum’s website here:
Gallo-Roman Museum