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Front and Blok threaten Brussels paralysis

Published on 21/01/2004

January 21 2004

BRUSSELS – Belgium’s far-right French speaking National Front party has threatened to join forces with its Flemish counterpart to bring the Brussels region’s parliament grinding to a halt.

In a statement the National Front said it was considering forming an alliance with the Vlaams Blok block because it is opposed to a planned new law that would give foreigners the right to vote in local elections.

Between them, the two far right parties would have enough votes to prevent the Brussels parliament and the region’s other key institutions from passing any new laws or taking any decisions.

Meanwhile, the Vlaams Blok on Wednesday threw into doubt the future of a planned countrywide law on financing political parties.

The proposed law would reduce funding for political parties that do not respect human rights or are found to be racist. The Vlaams Blok is worried it could fall foul of the legislation if it were passed and has been doing its utmost to kill the bill in a series of parliamentary hearings.

Parliamentarians were set to vote on the proposal on Wednesday afternoon, but as Expatica was updated it was not clear whether the vote would go ahead.

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