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Free water for Belgian schools

16 December 2004

BRUSSELS – Belgian school children are to be given free water as part of an ongoing health campaign.

The Brussels Intercommunal Water Distribution (IBDE) is to provide one litre of water for each primary school child in Brussels for free.

Calculated on the basis of 200 days a year, the total cost to IBDE will be EUR 8,000.

The move forms part of a healthy eating campaign driven by the French Community, which has already banned sweetened drinks in schools.

Some schools are already fitting water fountains in favour of vending machines.

IBDE has joined together with other related organisations to encourage a change of culture towards water in Brussels schools.

We hope that the launch of this project will create new habits and behaviour among pupils, said IBDE director Mohamed El Khattabi.

The campaign has been met enthusiastically, with 80 percent of teachers saying they are satisfied.

IBDE argues that tap water is healthy and refreshing and does not contain colouring, caffeine or acid.

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