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Fourniret’s wife ‘played active role in murders’

20 September 2005

BRUSSELS — A police search of the Fourniret house in Sart-Custinne uncovered letters indicating that Monique Olivier did not play a passive, but instead took an active role in the crimes committed by her husband.

The letters include a proposal from Oliver, in which she promised to look for young virgins for Michel Fourniret in exchange for the murder of her two former husbands.
In the period covered by the letters (1986 or 1987), Fourniret was serving a jail term for sex offences, newspaper ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ reported on Tuesday.

The Dinant public prosecution office has confirmed it is investigating the letters, stressing also that the allegations against Oliver were not a new element to inquiries.

Judicial authorities also said the letters indicate that Fourniret committed premeditated murder, broadcaster VTM reported.

However, one of the two Belgian lawyers representing Fourniret was surprised that such letters existed.

“Neither myself nor my French colleagues have ever seen the letters in the case dossier,” lawyer Bernard Castaigne said.

“It does not match the profile of my client to send such a letter in jail, because he must have known his post was being watched.”

Fourniret is suspected of killing up to 20 people, mostly young women, in France and Belgium. He admitted to some of the killings after his arrest in Belgium in June 2003.

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