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Fourniret ‘lying about au pair’

22 November 2004

BRUSSELS – French self-confessed serial killer Michel Fourniret is concealing the identity of a 10th victim, it was alleged on Monday.

Dinant’s investigating magistrate Arnould d’Aspremont Lynden said the 63-year-old carpenter who has admitted nine murders, including killing seven young girls, was lying when he claimed not to remember the murder of an au pair.

“I think he’s hiding things from us,” d’Aspremont Lynden told the TV channel RTL-TVi in a programme called Affaires non classes.

“I’m convinced that he knows perfectly well the surname, the first name and the place where this young girl comes from because he has an excellent memory.”

The investigator said that Fourniret remembered each and every one of the places where his victims were buried and had listed them all, including that of the au pair, when he held a barbecue at his home around the time of the girl’s death in 1993.

It was Fourniret’s wife Monique Olivier who told investigators her husband had strangled the girl, but months of questioning and investigations have failed to uncover her identity. On Friday, a computer fit of her face was released.

The police have searched the couple’s gardens and former home in Sart-Custinne in the Ardennes, as well as nearby land and a lake, but have still failed to find the au pair’s body.

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