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Fourniret admits tenth crime

Published on 15/07/2004

15 July 2004

BRUSSELS – Suspected French serial killer, Michel Fourniret, has admitted to the kidnap and rape of a tenth victim, it was confirmed on Thursday.

Fourniret, who has already confessed to the murder of eight women and one man, admitted he abducted and raped a young girl of African origin in 1998 in France’s northeast Ardennes region. 

The latest information was disclosed by the Public Prosecutor in the French city of Reims, who urged that it be treated with caution.

Fourniret’s newest confession departs from the usual pattern of events as this time he allowed his victim to live.

Police remain cautious about the admission as the details of the time and place of the kidnapping and the age of the victim remain unclear.

Fourniret had previously claimed not to have committed any crimes between 1990 and 2000 but investigators doubt this to be true.

French police have re-opened 30 unsolved murders in France and Belgian officers are investigating possible links with the total disappearance of at least 15 girls over the past 20 years.

Much of the evidence against Fourniret has been provided by his wife, Monique Olivier.

Olivier told police this week she was with her husband when he kidnapped 13 year-old Natacha Danais in 1990 but she denied being present at her murder.

Olivier’s lawyer, Pierre Barthelemy, admitted she was an accomplice by the fact that she was present but argued that his client “recognises the monstrosity of the facts” and had asked for psychological help.

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