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Fourniret accused of two more murders

Published on 16/02/2005

16 February 2005

BRUSSELS – The wife of self confessed French serial killer Michel Fourniret has accused her husband of two more murders, both committed in France, it was confirmed on Wednesday.

Monique Olivier, who like her estranged husband is currently being held in custody in Belgium, said on Monday that in 1988 Fourniret killed a 19 year old handicapped girl, Marie-Angeline Domece, French prosecutors and lawyers said on Wednesday.

Olivier also accused Fourniret of murdering English student Joanna Parrish in 1990, the same sources said.

Fourniret has denied both of the accusations.

The 63 year old has so far confessed to eight murders.

He is currently being investigated in France for six killings and in Belgium for a further two.

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