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Fourniret accused of three more murders

21 February 2005

BRUSSELS – The wife of self confessed serial killer Michel Fourniret was to be questioned again on Tuesday after accusing her husband of the murders of three more girls in Belgium.

Public prosecutor Arnoud d’Aspremont Lynden told the press on Monday that Monique Olivier had admitted last week to finding girls for her husband to rape by pretending she was looking for babysitters.

Both Olivier and Fourniret are currently being held in custody in Belgium.

She told investigators that she found three girls for her husband and checked that they lived alone, so that no one would report them missing.

The three girls spent three days at the couple’s home in Sart-Custine before Fourniret raped and murdered them.

D’Aspremont Lynden said Olivier had been vague about many details of the crimes, which she reported to investigator Bernard Claude, such as the exact names of the girls and where they were buried.

She claims she did not take part in the girls’ murders.

Investigators would be questioning her again about the matter before interviewing Fourniret again, said D’Aspremont Lynden.

The press have speculated that one of the murdered girls could be Sylvie Carlin, a 19-year-old who disappeared from Roucourt in December 1994.

The latest confessions come on top of two more murders which Olivier accused her husband of last week – that of the British student Joanna Parrish and the French woman Marie-Angele Domece.

He denies all five of the new accusations. He has so far confessed to eight killings.

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