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Four fatal shootings in Flanders

Published on 12/11/2004

12 November 2004

BRUSSELS – Four people were shot and killed in Flanders in the early hours of Friday morning.

The first crime occurred in Mont-Saint-Amand near Ghent, where two unidentified women were murdered.

The killer set the house where the crime occurred on fire, which is adding to the identification difficulties.

He then continued the shooting spree in Nieuwerkerken, killing two more women and seriously injuring two other victims.

The murderer, a man of 35 and of Turkish origin, later gave himself up to police.

The fatal shootings are likely to have been the result of a family drama but the exact motivation has not yet been identified.

The killer, known as Osman C, was condemned in March 2003 to 18 months in prison for trying to kidnap his own son.

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