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Formation talks continue to 3.30 am

28 September 2007
BRUSSELS – Herman Van Rompuy, the man charged with restarting the deadlocked government formation talks, and the delegation leaders of the Christian democrat and liberal parties were engaged in talks until 3.30 am this morning. They left with the agreement to meet again soon.

This weekend Van Rompuy will submit a report to the king, his spokesperson Tom Monballiu said Friday morning.

Herman Van Rompuy and party leaders Jo Vandeurzen (CD&V/N-VA), Bart Somers (Open VLD), Didier Reynders (MR) and Joëlle Milquet (CDH) sat at the negotiating table for the third consecutive day on Thursday evening. That had not happened since the talks hit deadlock at Hertoginnedal.

The possible future coalition partners are still discussing the state reform, and mainly how this should be decided. The electoral issues surrounding the Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde voting district will reportedly be broached later in the formation.

It is not entirely clear whether the negotiators will meet on Friday. Van Rompuy will report to this king this weekend on the progress of his task. At his last audience on Monday it was announced that Van Rompuy would submit his final report “within a few days.”

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