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Food should not be wasted for aesthetic reasons

Published on 12/11/2014

The initiative comes after the North/South organisation11.11.11. launched a similar campaign on the occasion of World Food Day.

Green lawmaker Bart Caron: “Too much food is being wasted. Each year 4 billion tons of food is produced in the world. A third of this amount isn’t consumed by people. In Flanders this means that 120,000 tons of food is wasted annually. The average household of four could save 300 euros a year if this food wasn’t wasted.”

The Flemish Parliament’s resolution calls for action to ensure that no food is wasted just because it doesn’t meet certain aesthetic norms.

Bart Caron: “We’re calling on the government to consult the sectors involved so that a binding code of conduct is introduced to prevent unfair trade practises that result in waste.”


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