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Two new nudist beaches soon?

The Federation of Belgian Naturism is pursuing talks with two Belgian seaside resorts and a municipality in Wallonia with a view to opening a new public nudist beach in Belgium.

The federation groups all Belgian naturist organisations with some 8,300 paid up members. Membership is up 600 in only two years’ time. President Koen Meulemans attempts to explain the success: “We’ve been doing a lot of promotion on social media and we’re also better known in mainstream media nowadays too.”

Many people encounter nudism abroad and back at home are eager to express themselves in the same fashion. Nudists are poorly served by public amenities. At present there is only one recognised nudist beach in Bredene that stretches for 400 metres. At high tide it’s only 11 metres wide. A thousand visitors and it’s crowded! Sadly the federation feels politicians are reluctant to back more initiatives. Politicians see the economic benefits of such beaches but fear a backlash from voters.


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