Home News “Talks with Trump security team are going very well”

“Talks with Trump security team are going very well”

Published on 22/05/2017

However, speaking on the VRT’s Sunday morning current affairs programme ‘De zevende dag’ the Interior Minister Jan Jambon said that he is confident that everything will run smoothly.

“We are not novices, Heads of State often come here to attend meetings at NATO or at the EU. I guarantee that the deployment that is needed will be made available. I have met with the Mayor of Brussels and everything is under control. In these times I cannot guarantee 100% security, but everything we need to maximise security will be put in place”.

Mr Jambon was also keen to stress that the deployment will be sufficiently spread across the whole country.

President Trump will be accompanied by a large group of his own security people. However, Mr Jambon doesn’t think that this will be a source of conflict between the Belgian security service and President Trump’s staff.

“There have been a lot of consultative talks and the talks gone very well”.

“It is not the first time that an American President has come to Belgium. Mr Trump won’t be bringing any more or any fewer people with him than his predecessor Barack Obama did. What I would like is that Mr Trump leaves with a different view of Brussels than when he arrives”.

Last year during his campaign Mr Trump called Brussels a “hell hole”.


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