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Prison sentences of 8 and 9 years for Nigerian pimps

Published on 21/09/2017

They were found guilty of human trafficking and forced prostitution. The other 6 members of the gang were also found guilty.

The gang smuggled a total of 25 young Nigerian women into Belgian. Their youngest victim was just 17 years-old.

The women were forced to re-pay the cost of their voyage from Nigeria to Belgian by selling their bodies. The gang made a total of 700,000 euro from their victims.

The gang first used voodoo to make the women afraid while they were still in Nigeria. Once they were in Belgium the women were forced to live in inhumane conditions in a flat. Some of them told detectives that the flat was infested with rats.

Most of the illegal practices took place in Antwerp. However, the women were also taken by taxi to Ostend (West Flanders) to meet customers in hotels. It was in one such hotel that that the police set a trap and were able to detain most of the gang in January. The two leaders of the gang have been sentenced to 8 and 9 years respectively by a court in Bruges. 6 others were given sentences of 6 years in prison.

Three of the gang’s victims were given compensation totalling 28,500 euro.

Nigerian prostitution network in Brussels

In May a Nigerian prostitution network was dismantled in Brussels. 30 young women were saved and 5 suspects, including the suspected leader of the gang, were arrested.

Here too, the women had been brainwashed with voodoo. Here the suspected leader of the gang was a women. 


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