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Premier demands “suitable punishment” for Prince Laurent

Published on 08/08/2017

Laurent had visited the Chinese embassy in Brussels to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Chinese army. During the visit, he was wearing his official military uniform. The prince had not received the permission to attend the event.

The news of Laurent’s attendance emerged during the course of the day. Premier Michel (Francophone liberal) was quick to react. This afternoon, he suggested Laurent should get a suitable sanction.

PM spokesman Barend Leyts says this could mean that Laurent loses part of his dotation for this year.  Laurent has been informed about the upcoming punishment and will be meeting Michel shortly.

Laurent had been warned

While Laurent posted a picture of the event on his own Facebook page, nor the Royal Palace, nor the government had been informed about his plans. Michel is not amused, because Laurent has a past record of making unannounced visits in his own name. He had received more than one warning.

Since then, Laurent has to ask the official permission from the federal government to meet foreign leaders or dignitaries, as is the habit for every member of the royal family.

N-VA wants a real punishment this time

The Flemish nationalist party N-VA hopes that this time, the prince will actually be punished, after several threats or warnings resulted in nothing. Laurent’s dotation totals 308,000 of public money per year. Michel decided to impose a sanction after taking soundings from Laurent’s older brother, King Filip.


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