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Motoring organisations warn of heavy traffic next weekend

Published on 04/07/2017

Considerable congestion is anticipated on all routes south out of Belgium as the holidays start for many.

Most problems are expected on Friday and Saturday as Belgium’s construction industry takes a break. Traffic on Sunday should go more smoothly.

The Brussels and Antwerp orbitals are seen as the blackspots for next Friday. The greatest congestion is expected on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Jams are anticipated on routes to the coast, the E411 for drivers bound for the Ardennes, but also on the E19 and E17 motorways bound for Paris.

Drivers bound for France should be aware of heavy traffic in the Paris area on Friday as the French school holiday kicks in. Congestion is also expected in many other parts. Between 9AM and 3PM be aware of the threat of congestion between Paris-Bordeaux and the Spanish border, between Paris-Clermont-Ferrand and the Spanish border and Lyon-Orange and Spain.

The school holidays are yet to start in Germany and Belgians and Dutch drivers are expected to create the heaviest traffic, especially on routes south. School holidays start in several Austrian states with congestion anticipated on the Fernpasstrasse and the Brenner and Tauern tunnels.

In Switzerland congestion at the Gotthard tunnel remains an evergreen. Also watch out at the Chiasso border crossing into Italy.


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