Home News “Keep 3 cars from the roads for every 10 at rush hour”

“Keep 3 cars from the roads for every 10 at rush hour”

Published on 08/06/2017

"The jams will not disappear unless we have a sustainable solution", the Flemish Automobile Association VAB says. This means: convincing more people to leave the car behind and opt for the bike or public transport.

Belgium has become notorious for its traffic jams. Still, the solution is a relatively simple one according to experts: if we can keep 3 in 10 cars off the road, the problem is solved. Maarten Matienko of the VAB told the VRT about the latest problems in Antwerp: “They have asked motorists to take the Kennedytunnel or the Liefkenshoektunnel (where no toll has to be paid) to ease congestion at the Waaslandtunnel. But this is not really a solution.”

“We should reduce the number of cars on the road with at least 30 percent, especially during rush hour. “A number of people will have to look for an alternative, like public transport or a combination of the car and public transport. But the bicycle is a good option as well, considering that one in two commuters taking the car, are living relatively close to the city centre.”

The works in Antwerp will take 1.5 years. “Things will not improve in the long run. It might get better during the summer holidays, but the traffic chaos will only grow in October and November.”


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