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Governing parties largely hold their own in new poll

Published on 18/10/2017

Meanwhile, the far-left PVDA polls just above the 5% minimum required in order to get any seats in Flanders for the first time.

Of the parties that make up the Federal and Flemish coalitions, the Flemish nationalist party N-VA remains by far the most popular party in Flanders.

28% of those surveyed said that they would vote for party in fan election were held now. This is up 1.7% on our last poll in April, but still 4.4% down on the party’s showing at the last federal election in 2014.

The Christian democrats remain the second most popular party in Flanders. 19.4% of those surveyed in our poll said that they would vote for Wouter Beke’s party. This follows in the line of previous polls that have shown the Christian democrats enjoy between 18% and 20%.

The Flemish liberal party Open VLD will be pleased to have polled 15.5%, the same score as in the 2014 federal elections, but much better that in opinion polls taken in the intervening period. 

Onwards and upwards for the greens

The greens are the big winners among the opposition parties in Flanders. 13.9% of Flemings say that they would vote for them if an election were held now this is slightly down on our previous poll, but 5.3% up on the last federal elections.

The Flemish socialists remain in the doldrums, now polling 11%, 3% down on 2014. The far left PVDA is good for 5.1% of voting intentions. This is just above the 5% required to get any seats.

The far-right Vlaams Belang polls 6.5%. This is slightly more than at the last election in 2014, but less than in our last polls in April.

Nationalist biggest Flemish party in Brussels

Despite being down 2.4% on the 2014 election showing the Francophone liberals are the most popular party in Brussels, polling 20.7%. The Francophone greens are in second place with 16.7% (+6.2%), the Francophone socialists are 3rd with 15.1% (-9.8), the radical Francophone party Défi is 4th with 14.3% of voting intention in Brussels (up +3.2% on 2014).

In 5th place is the far-right PTB-PVDA that polls 9.7%, up 5.9% on 2014. The Francophone Christian democrats lose further ground (-1.7%) and now enjoy the support of 7.6% of Brussels voters. Of the Flemish parties in Brussels, the nationalist N-VA comes out on top in our poll with 3.9% (up from 2.7% in 2014).

The Flemish greens enjoy the support of 3.4% of Brussels voters polled. The third most popular Flemish party in the capital are the Christian democrats that polled 2.2%, up from 1.6% in 2014. The Flemish liberal polled 1.7% (-1%), the Flemish socialists 1% (-0.8%) and the far-right Vlaams Belang 0.5%.


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