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“Google Maps for road accidents” released for Flanders

This “Google Maps for road accidents” is mapping all traffic accidents between 2014 and the first half of 2016; police hope it will raise motorists’ alertness.

How many accidents happened in your street, in your area, or places you often pass? Police have released a “Google Maps” for road accidents, which contains the data of almost 53,000 police reports about road accidents, but only those involving injured people or road deaths.

It’s the first time the data have been made available. “We want to boost road safety by raising citizens’ awareness for the risks in the neighbourhood”, police spokesman Peter De Waele explains in Het Nieuwsblad. 

It took three years to compile the map. The Flemish government cooperated with police but also with 13 other European cities and/or municipalities on the platform “Open Transport Network” (OTN), which is part of a larger European research. The EU had asked police services to release this kind of data before; the map is only available for Flanders at the moment.


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