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French welcome evacuated Flemings with open arms

Published on 28/07/2017

Local people have come forward of their own accord to offer holidaymakers accommodation.

Joeri Nicolaes, a Fleming VRT News spoke with, had rented a holiday home for his family but because of the fires he hasn’t been able to spend many nights there: “My mother-in-law woke me up at 2AM. Cars where driving round on the estate honking their horns. Clearly something was amiss. We came outside only to hear our neighbour tell us we had to leave. We jumped in the car with the kids and started driving.”

The Nicolaes Family spent the first night in a hall provided by the local municipality. Then we were able to stay with people who had offered us accommodation. Joeri Nicolaes doesn’t know if he will be able to return to his holiday accommodation and whether he will be able to recover any of his things.


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