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Flanders on course to miss climate goals

The greening of our transport system is lagging behind, while the rise in green energy production is faltering now that biomass power stations have bitten the dust.

During the past 15 years the rooves of 270,000 homes across Flanders were equipped with solar panelling. 440 wind turbines were erected. However, if the Flemish government is to meet its goals and European targets, it will have to put grease to its elbow. To meet the goals 430 new wind turbines would need to be built and 400,000 homes would have to be equipped with solar panels.

If Flanders fails to meet the goals it will incur EU fines: up to 73 million euros a year for every year the targets are missed. Flanders could purchase green energy abroad, but that could prove to be expensive.

Flanders also plans to invest less in green fuels on our roads. Biofuels are mixed with diesel and petrol. Originally this effort would contribute towards 20% of the target. This has been reduced to 16%.

Flemish energy minister Bart Tommelein is convinced Flanders can sort it, though he insists the authorities and business too will have to pull their weight.


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