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Enjoy the last day of sweltering heat!

The past weekend has been exceptionally hot across the country with blistering temperatures in the interior. Overnight the odd shower managed to provide a little refreshment here and there. A dry start to the day is expected Monday with high altitude cloud. Later on showers may materialise. They may turn thundery in places and be accompanied by hail and gusts of wind. Highs today range from 23°C on the coast, to 29°C in central parts with 32°C on the cards in Flemish hotspots.

Tuesday too showers may occur, but it will be mainly dry with cloudier conditions making way for clearer skies. Highs of 25°C. More of the same is forecast for the rest of the working week: mainly dry and sunny with highs of 24°C.

Next weekend too is a holiday weekend with most people having three days off. Cloudier conditions are expected with highs slightly lower.

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