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Camper vans fail inspection due to non-existent sticker

Several camper vans have been given the thumbs down by inspectors because they are not displaying the right sticker. A new sticker is required by law to identify seats that are not used during road trips, but the problem seems to be that nobody has ever seen this mysterious sticker.

Quizzed by VRT Radio Flemish mobility minister Ben Weyts had to concede that his administration had simply forgotten to produce any regulations regarding the needed sticker. The sticker is supposed to identify seats that do not possess a safety belt and can thus not be used during driving. Some camper vans have been taken off the roads; other owners have received a warning.

The new sticker was conceived by the European authorities. The Flemish authorities are simply implementing an EU directive. Mobility minister Weyts concedes that his administration failed to make clear what the sticker should look like. As a stop gap measure the sicker will not be compulsory for a further year. The sticker becomes obligatory starting next June and by that time the Flemish authorities will have made clear what it should look like.

Camper van owners who had their vehicle rejected by inspectors will have to revisit a test centre. Mr Weyts is examining whether any compensation can be arranged.


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