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Belgium and France to work more closely to fight terror

Published on 17/10/2017

During the first visit of the new French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe to his Belgian counterpart Charles Michel (Francophone liberal) it was also agreed that a Franco-Belgian summit on terrorism will be held next year.

The summit that will bring together top magistrates, ministers and members of both countries’ security services will be held before the end of spring of next year.

The aim of the summit will be to streamline both countries’ anti-terror measures. A joint cabinet meeting on counter-terrorism was held in February of last year.

Then it was agreed that the Federal Judicial Authorities would work more closely with the Paris Judicial Authorities that are responsible for the investigation of terrorism cases in the whole France.

In addition to this a number of economic issues were also discussed by the two Prime Ministers. Mr Philippe agreed to push for the construction of the Seine-Nord Canal. The canal will link Compiègne (Oise), around 80 kilometres north of Paris with Aubencheul-au-Bac (Nord), near to France’s border with Belgium.

It will provide a vital link between the River Seine and the North European river network, facilitating the transportation of goods by barge between the Greater Paris area and the Benelux.


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