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Anti-drought measures extended to the whole of Flanders

Published on 22/06/2017

The Flemish Environment Minister Joke Schauvliege has extended measures to stop the wasting of tap water as the drought continues.

A number of things will be prohibited, like washing your car, sprinkling your lawn, or filling a (small) outdoor pool using tap water as from Thursday. Schauvliege is extending a measure that had been imposed in West Flanders at an earlier stage, to the whole of Flanders.

“Drinking water consumption rose by 40 percent over the past days”, Schauvliege explains. This can be explained by the fact that wells have dried out, and that many people also want to cool off in a small garden pool.

In order to avoid that drinking water levels would drop too much, the non-essential use of tap water has been banned now across Flanders. Those flouting the rules can expect fines, but Schauvliege is also counting on people’s fairness and common sense.

The Brussels Region has not taken any measures yet.


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