Home News 57 cases of illegal waste dumping reported this week

57 cases of illegal waste dumping reported this week

Published on 25/09/2017

The campaign was announced and still effective. The amount of litter was significantly less than usual.

Last year the cleaning up of litter cost over 5.2 million euros. Nearly three million kilos of waste were collected at that time. Research shows that the Flemish people are irritated by litter and that it causes a feeling of insecurity on the streets.

Tins, cans, bottles, plastic foil and many garbage bags were removed. According to Flemish Minister of Mobility, Ben Weyts, the action has been effective. The amount of waste dumped was indeed lower than in other weeks. However, not everyone reacts with enthusiasm. In Landen (Flemish Brabant), a man who was caught red-handed drove into an inspector. The man was unable to work for a while because of this. A complaint was filed with the police.


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