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Flu reaches fever pitch

Published on 02/12/2003

2 December 2003

BRUSSELS – The flu is set to reach epidemic proportions in Belgium this week, according to the Scientific Institute of Public Health.

Several European countries are currently suffering from flu epidemics, including the UK, Ireland, Norway, Spain, Portugal, and France, where hospitals are struggling to keep up.

Doctors are urging the sick not to clog up accident and emergency departments, and risking the contamination of other patients.

Instead they should stay at home and wait for the symptoms to pass, having as little contact as possible with others so as to limit contamination.

Only the very young and old should seek out antivirals so as to diminish the severity of symptoms.  Children seem the most affected by the current epidemic.

Flu vaccines are still available, although the optimal time for the vaccine is from October to November.

Twelve days are necessary to reach immunity against the flu after receiving the vaccine.

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