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What gets a Fleming out of the car?

Published on 14/02/2017

Only when he or she is forced to or when businesses tempt employees to use an alternative is the Fleming prepared to switch.

Three-quarters of Flemings use their car to get to work daily or several times a week. Most commuters spend hours behind the wheel. A third of all Flemings are stuck in jams getting to work on a regular basis.

Flemings see few alternatives: “Often public transport takes longer. The car is comfortable and offers people their independence or you need the car during your work” says Hajo Beeckman of the VRT traffic unit.

What gets Flemings out of their cars?

Flemings will look out for an alternative if journey times become too long or they face exorbitant parking charges. Many people will check out an alternative if an attractive alternative is on offer: the ability to combine bike, car and train.

“Many businesses believe in offering employees a mobility budget, but administrative red tape can pose a problem” says Hajo Beeckman.

The survey also reveals that Flemings will take accessibility into account when choosing a job. Hajo Beeckman: “Flemings can get choosy looking at accessibility and the chance of working from home.”


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