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Warning: red weekend on the roads

Published on 14/07/2015

The Belgian motoring associations Touring and VAB have warned against a busy weekend on the roads as people set off for foreign climes.

In Belgium Friday’s rush hour is set to start earlier than usual and last for longer. Many Belgians are expected to head for the coast or the Ardennes next weekend, a four-day-weekend encompassing the national holiday on 21 July. Ring roads around Brussels and Antwerp will be very busy.

Next week Tuesday evening will be busy too as people return home after a short break.

People setting out this weekend should be aware that Friday and Saturday will be busy on the roads. On Saturday avoid the Rhone Valley in France. Jams are anticipated in many parts of Europe too. Holidaymakers returning to Belgium should have an easier journey.

In Germany busy roads are expected in the Berlin and Hamburg areas as the people of northern Germany commence their holidays. Roads in Austria and Switzerland will be busy on Saturday.

Holidaymakers leaving this weekend are being urged to delay their departure until Saturday afternoon or Sunday.


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