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Tomorrowland may become two-weekend festival until 2033!

Published on 24/03/2017

An environmental licence is being issued and the festival has secured agreement to rent the De Schorre site from the Province of Antwerp for 15 years.

On Wednesday an agreement between the provincial authorities and ID&T, the company that organises Tomorrowland, leaked in the press. Starting 2018 ID&T wishes to be able to organise the festival on two weekends. This doesn’t mean that the festival will be staged on two weekends, but the organisers now have the opportunity to do so and this until 2033.

The festival may be staged on the last and last but one weekend of July.

ID&T spokeswoman Debby Wilmsen: “We plan to stage the festival twice in Belgium from next year onwards, but each year we’ll look at the matter and decide what to do. As long as there is great demand for tickets and the festival is a worldwide success, it’s a cert! A sizeable number of tickets will be set aside for Belgians and local residents, but you don’t know what the situation will be in 15 years’ time.”

This year a double weekend festival is planned. All the necessary licences for carparks and the like have been issued. The organisers now have a long-term contract with the province to rent the site as well as an environmental licence. De Schorre has increased the rent for its site by a factor of ten for each festival weekend: 630,000 euros. ID&T will also make investments on the site.


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