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Terrorists stole Olympic medallist’s identity

Published on 13/03/2017

The three terrorists stole Timmers’ identity to arrange a power supply contract with the utilities company Lampiris for their safe house in the Brussels municipality of Schaarbeek.

The identity theft was discovered by detectives that examined the terrorists’ laptop that they dumped in a rubbish bin near to the flat on the Max Roosstraat just before leaving to carry out the Zaventem bombing.

Pieter Timmers’ wife Elle De Leeuw wrote a surprised reaction on the social media platform Twitter. “After having contacted them (Lampiris) we find out through the media why we have had bailiffs chasing us for unpaid bills. Incredible”.

Final demand

In early February Pieter Timmers received a final demand from Lampiris. This is the last step before the bailiffs are brought in.

“This was despite the fact that we have never been customers of Lampiris, nor had we previously receive bills or reminders from them”, Elle De Leeuw said.

“We had to prove to them that we had never lived in Brussels. They assumed that it was a second address or that we had moved in the meantime”.

“Fortunately, it soon became clear that we had nothing to do with it. However, this required a lot of paperwork and telephone calls”.

“They then confirmed that someone had used Pieter’s name and date of birth to arrange a contract. Lampiris was not allowed to say if other identity data was used. They told us that an internal investigation had been started. However, all we know about it is what we have read in the press. I was last in touch with them on Thursday. We of course want to know whether Pieter’s name could have been used with other companies”, Ms De Leeuw added.

Due to privacy rules Lampiris was unable to say which address in Brussels the contract was for. They advised Pieter Timmers and Elle De Leeuw to report the incident to the police.

Lampiris never involved the police in its investigation despite the daily ‘De Standaard’ reporting that the police are aware of the fraud.


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