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Spring to continue: 21 degrees expected on Thursday

Published on 27/03/2017

Tuesday and Wednesday could be a bit more unstable, but temperatures will climb again afterwards, thanks to a southerly breeze. The symbolic milestone of 20 degrees Celsius (68 Fahrenheit) should be passed next Thursday. But make the most of it, as weather presenter Sabine Hagedoren (photo) thinks the spring spell will be finished next Saturday.

High pressure above Central Europe guarantees another excellent day with plenty of sunshine on Monday. With the high pressure moving to the south, clouds (and possible showers) move closer on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The weather is a little more unstable at that moment, in order to improve again on Thursday, when temperatures of up to 21 Celsius are expected!

Temperatures remain very mild in the next five days; normally we should have 10 to 11 degrees taking into the account the averages of the past decades. But make the most of it, it will be finished next Friday, the weather presenter added.


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