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Flanders’ rubbish ban a ‘European first’

10 January 2006

BRUSSELS – Flanders has banned the dumping of household waste on its rubbish tips, it was revealed on Tuesday.

Kris Peeters, the Flemish minister for public works and the environment, said the region was the first in Europe to introduce the move, which came into effect on 1 January.

“Household waste should be pre-treated and incinerated,” said Peeters. He added that inflammable and recyclable waste was also banned at the rubbish dumps.

Germany, as a country, took the initiative to ban household waste last June, a policy which has led to more rubbish at Belgian landfill sites.

Last year, 80,440 tonnes of household waste were dumped, along with 551,500 tonnes of industrial waste.

This year, the minister has given companies an opt-out from the dumping ban although he has fixed a maximum amount of waste: 440,500 tonnes.

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