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Police change anti drink-drive tactics

A ‘Bob campaign’ that encourages parties to appoint a designated driver who will drink no alcohol. Several newspapers report that police will form flying squads setting up checks here and there but never staying very long. The idea is to stop drivers getting warnings via social media.

A spokesman for the interior ministry notes that the idea is to increase the quality of the checks on drivers: police will have to show their brightest side and organise quick and short checks.

The campaign will start this month. More police patrols will be deployed to concentrate on drivers showing erratic behaviour. The police want drivers to feel that they can be checked anywhere. Police do not plan to close speedways and check each and every driver as they are aware that such checks easily become public knowledge via social media.

In the whole of last year 1.2 million motorists were checked. The aim of the checks is to reduce the number of deaths on our roads. During last year’s Christmas campaign only 2.5% of drivers were over the drink-drive limit.


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