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Over 4,000 caught speeding per day at Wetteren road works

Drivers were caught on a section where the normal speed limit was reduced due to road works between Wetteren and Erpe-Mere.

Major resurfacing works are taking place between Wetteren and Erpe-Mere, in both directions. The normal speed limit of 120 kilometres per hour is being reduced to 70 while the works are being carried out.

This particular stretch of motorway happens to be one of the few places in Belgium where SPECS cameras are checking motorists’ speed over a longer distance. During most of the day – and especially during rush hour – there is no speed limit challenge nowadays, as the works are triggering massive tailbacks. Most of the drivers are caught outside normal hours.

While a regular day sees some 500 speeders, this number has now risen to 4,200 on average. This figure is despite the SPECS cameras being out of service for a while during the heat wave.

The fines will be sent to speeders in the short term. It is estimated they will yield some 4.5 million euros. The works will cost an estimated 5.5 million euros. This means that the Flemish government can almost earn back all the expenses, at least if the cash would flow directly to the Flemish state coffers. 

Those driving just a little too fast, have to cough up 50 euros, others have to pay 100 euros. Some drivers reached an average speed of 140 km/h, which is double the speed limit.


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