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“Most Wanted” gangster caught after buying fish

Published on 25/11/2016

Dutch police had received a tip from members of the public, after he had been recognised when going to a fish shop to buy some fish.

Since the “Most Wanted” website was launched three weeks ago, two convicted criminals have been apprehended. It seems the website is paying off.

Fodderie was apprehended by Dutch police last night with a surprise raid in a block of flats in Almere, Flevoland.He had been given shelter there by a Dutch friend of his. Police had received hundreds of tips after the website had been launched, but the one from Almere proved to be the right one.

Fodderie was a member of the notorious Brussels city gang “Black Demolition”. He had received a prison sentence of 15 years for manslaughter and after a violent homejacking in Haaltert.


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