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More violent incidents at motorway services

Published on 07/12/2016

A number of lorry drivers have reported being attacked on and around the lorry park at the services that is around 10 kilometres northwest of Brussels.

Sofie Schuddinck of the Dilbeek Local Police Service told VRT News that “Whereas previously they tried to sneak into trailers without being seen, the nature of incidents has worsened recently”.

“There have been two stabbings. Migrants attacked the lorry drivers in order to either rob them or in order to get aboard their vehicles.”

The incidents are no longer limited to the lorry park at the Groot-Bijgaarden service station and the fields that surround it. The Dilbeek Local Police Service also reports incidents having occurred on industrial estates in the area.

Police in Dilbeek have requested assistance from the Federal Police Service to help deal with the problem. 


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