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Lieven Scheire scores at the Edinburgh fringe

Published on 25/08/2015

The Flemish stand-up comedian Lieven Scheire is proving a big hit at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe with his ‘The Wonderful World of Lieven Scheire’ show. The show is described as “science stand-up comedy”

Lieven Schiere has received glowing reviews in the arts pages of quality newspapers such as ‘The Times’ and ‘The Herald’ and the ‘Scotsman’.

‘The Herald’ wrote of Lieven Schiere’s show that “Scheire is engaging and funny when he’s off-subject but it’s hard not to see his routine as a well-above-average conference presentation”.

Lieven Scheire’s act is just one 3,000 acts at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The Fleming plays before sell-out crowds every day. The month-long festival acts as a magnet for journalists, agents and television big-wigs.

Our 34-year-old compatriot has already been interviewed by the BBC, was on the front page of ‘The Scotsman’ and was the subject of a ‘Times’ article entitled “The funny science guy from Belgium”.

The light-hearted article also declared that Lieven Schiere was “the secret lovechild of Stephen Fry and Brian Cox.


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